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Fouta Honeycomb Ibiza blue jeans / white 100x200 cm


Fouta Honeycomb Ibiza blue jeans / white 100x200 cm

Fouta hand honeycomb

Fringed finish

Our Fouta Best Seller Textured woven honeycomb in a multi-striped design is highly absorbent and lightweight. The embossed texture makes it more absorbent and softer to the touch. This texture makes it a stylish addition to your home and its versatility a must have for your beach bag.


Can also be used as a tablecloth or plaid

Hand woven.

Foutas are craft products that may have imperfections of weaving. Each piece is woven on semi-automatic looms and the fringes are finished by hand
The craft technique makes all its originality and its small defects are so many testimonials of an authentic "handmade".

Colors ...

Blue Jean / White

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